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Q-Tires Plus - New & Used Tires for Sale

Have you ever wondered “Where can I find a cheap tire shop near me?


Q-Tires does their best to make sure you are happy with quality, service, and price. We will make sure your vehicle will have the proper rubber and alignment. We also rotate your wheels free of charge to ensure the rubber will wear evenly. If you are not sure which type to purchase, we will assist you in buying the right tires from one of the many manufacturers we supply. Repairing your wheel is also not a problem as we will patch the rubber or add a new plug.


Your Tire Change Includes:


  •  Removing wheels

  •  Removing old and torn rubber from the wheel rims

  •  Inspecting rims and nuts

  •  Mounting and sealing new tires

  •  Install a valve stem

  •  Balancing all wheels and correctly inflating them

  •  Making sure all your tires are rotated


Q-Tires Plus | Tire And Mechanic Service

At Q-tires Plus, we have a large selection of tire options  for every season!


All Season

An all-season tire will tend to deliver excellent comfort and handling on the highway, as well as reliable all-weather traction. It features asymmetrical tread patterns and circumferential grooves for wet weather performance.


Winter tires are the best possible in harsh winter conditions below 45 degrees. These feature deep grooves that expel snow and slushy weather. We recommend changing your tires to snow tires for safe driving in our Canadian winter months.


If you are looking for a great year-round tire, all-weather perform well in light snow and grip in temperatures above and below 7 degrees Celcius.


If you're in need to replace some rubber but want a cheap snow tire or all-season tire. Ask us about our stock of used tires.

Wheel Rims | Tire Rims

Get custom hot rod rims and wheels. If you are adventurous, we have off-road rims as well as lift kits and leveling kits. Finish off your vehicle with a wide selection of factory replica rims.

Wheel Balancing | Tire Balancing

Wheel Balancing will stop tires from wearing out unevenly. It also will help prevent vibrations that can happen in your steering column, floorboard and driver's seat. Do not confuse wheel balancing with a wheel alignment. Both of these things are necessary for a smooth driving experience.



We Have More Than Tires! | St.Catharines Auto Repair


With our licensed mechanic on site, we can take care of the many issues your automobile will have. Q-Tires also has some of the best rates for you at  $64.99 per hour! Q-Tires Plus offers financing with no payments for 90 days. (O.A.C.)


Affordable mechanic rates

Our Q-Repairs Auto Shop Offers These Services


Vehicle Safeties | Safety Standards Certificate

A vehicle safety is required to certify a vehicle's fitness. Buying and registering a vehicle can be done without a safety certificate although you cannot drive or put your plates on the car, truck or SUV without one A safety standards certificate is valid for 36 days after the inspection.


Wheel Alignments | Front End Alignment

If your automobile is not driving straight, you probably need a wheel alignment. Making sure your car is correctly aligned will reduce wear and tear on your tires and make the driving experience more pleasant.


What are the signs of an improper alignment?

Your truck or car pulls right or left when driving.

Your tire tread seems to be wearing quickly or unevenly.

Your steering wheel is not centered or crooked.

The tires squeal loudly.



Brake Repair | Brake Inspection

As important as your tires can be for traction, braking is more crucial. The brakes provide you with quick and precise stopping power. When the brake pads wear out, you may hear them squeaking, and they can be damaging your rotors and calipers. Q-Tire will inspect your brakes and repair them for your safety.



Exhaust Work | Muffler Repair

The exhaust system is what expels burnts gases from your cars system. It is extremely important the components are working properly inluding the piping, manifold, catalytic converter and muffler.


Shocks And Struts | Suspension Repair

Your car or trucks suspension system is important for a smooth safe ride. The suspension system incudes your vehicles Struts, Shocks, Tie Rods, Ball Joints and Sway Bar Link Replacement.






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