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What Happens During A Vehicle Safety?

The Passenger/Light-Duty Vehicle Inspection has been implemented since 2016 by the government of Ontario. The mechanic’s job is to make sure your vehicle passes and meets safety standards.

The following parts of the vehicle are checked to make sure your car is in acceptable driving condition.

Bald Tires Or Low Tread

Bald Tire Replacemet

Your tires are essential for stopping and driving safely, and we check to make sure you have the proper rubber for safe driving.

Vehicle Exhaust System

Vehicle Exhaust System Repair

Your exhaust should have no leaks or cracks that would let carbon monoxide fumes into the air.

Braking System

Vehicle braking system

We check the thickness of your brake pads so you can stop safely and quickly.


Vehicle Suspension

It is essential to see that your ball joints are not out of line.

Vehicle Instruments

Vehicle Instruments

Odometers and Speedometers must be working correctly.


Vehicle Mirrors

The automobile mirrors must be able to be set properly and cannot be broken or cracked.

Seats and Seatbelts

Seatbelts Inspection

You must be secure in your vehicle especially when driving at high speeds having properly mounted seats and belts are a must.

Wheel Mounts And Rims

Wheel Rims

The wheels and rims are checked for safety.


Steering Safety

Yout steering must be able to turn your vehicle properly in order to pass a safety.

Body Work

Body work check

Scratches and dings are ok, but we check for any damage that would be unsafe.

Neutral Safety Switch

Neutral Safety Switch

We make sure the vehicle starts only when in park or neutral.

Windshield Wipers

Windshield Wipers

It is crucial to have proper working wipers, especially in extreme weather conditions.

Lamps And Reflectors

Lamps and reflector check

All The Lights And Reflectors must be working properly to ensure proper signaling and to making sure other drivers see you on the road.


Frame And Components

Vehicle frame check for safety

Vehicle frames need to be checked to be sure they are not out of line

Fuel System

Fuel Sytem

The fuel system will be diagnosed to be sure of safety.

Accelerator Linkage

Accelerator Linkage

The mechanic will make sure the linkage is working properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does My Vehicle Need A Safety Inspection In Ontario?

The guidelines state private motor vehicles need to be inspected when it changes ownership or when it is registered in Ontario after coming from another province.


Do I need a spare tire to pass a safety?

No Although you do not need a spare tire your tread must meet depth requirements. You cannot have cuts or cracks or bulges in the sidewalls.



How long is a car safety good for?

The safety lasts for 36 days after your vehicle is inspected by a mechanic.